University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 126, Bible. New Testament (Scott Brown New Testament). Greg. 2404. Greece or Asia Minor, 13th century.


New Testament in Greek. Ammonian section numbers in the gospels, with lectionary headings and incipits, and lection numbers in the praxapostolos. Lectionary reference tables. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 22.

  1. fols. 1r-49r Matthew.
  2. fol. 49v Kephalaia of Mark.
  3. fols. 50r-81v Mark.
  4. fols. 81v-82r Kephalaia of Luke.
  5. fols. 82v-135v Luke.
  6. fols. 135v-136r Kephalaia of John.
  7. fols. 137r-176v John.
    Note: John 1:1-3 inscribed in 3 lines (fol. 136v).
  8. fols. 177r-183v Table of Synaxarion references for Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and other feasts, and the Menologion. Menologion portion of the table for January 22 to July 20 (fols. 192, 376), and for July 25 to August 31 (fol. 185).
    Note: Blank (fol. 184r-184v).
  9. fols. 185v-192v Table of Synaxarion and Menologion references for the Praxapostolos.
    Note: Some lections numbered 1-331, others unnumbered.
  10. fols. 193r-244v Acts.
  11. fols. 244v-245v Kephalaia of Romans.
  12. fols. 245v-247r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Romans.
  13. fols. 247r-264v Romans.
    Note: Romans 16:25-27 omitted.
  14. fols. 264v-265r Kephalaia of 1 Corinthians.
  15. fols. 265r-265v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Corinthians.
  16. fols. 265v-282v 1 Corinthians. Subscription and stichoi (870).
  17. fols. 282v-283r Kephalaia of 2 Corinthians.
  18. fols. 283r-283v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Corinthians.
  19. fols. 283v-294v 2 Corinthians. Subscription and stichoi (590).
  20. fols. 294v-295r Kephalaia of Galatians.
  21. fols. 295r-295v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Galatians.
  22. fols. 295v-301r Galatians. Subscription and stichoi (293).
  23. fols. 301r-301v Kephalaia of Ephesians.
  24. fols. 301v-302r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Ephesians.
  25. fols. 302r-308r Ephesians. Subscription and stichoi (312).
  26. fol. 308r Kephalaia of Philippians.
  27. fols. 308r-308v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Philippians.
  28. fols. 308v-312v Philippians.
  29. fols. 312v-313r Kephalaia of Colossians.
  30. fols. 313r-313v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Colossians.
  31. fols. 313v-317v Colossians. Subscription and stichoi (208).
  32. fols. 317v-318r Kephalaia of 1 Thessalonians.
  33. fols. 318r-318v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Thessalonians.
  34. fols. 318v-322r 1 Thessalonians. Subscription and stichoi (193).
  35. fols. 322r-322v Kephalaia of 2 Thessalonians.
  36. fols. 322v-323r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Thessalonians.
  37. fols. 323r-325r 2 Thessalonians. Subscription and stichoi (106).
  38. fols. 325r-325v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Timothy.
  39. fols. 325v-330r 1 Timothy. Subscription and stichoi (230).
  40. fols. 330r-330v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Timothy.
  41. fols. 330v-334r 2 Timothy. Subscription and stichoi (172).
  42. fols. 334r-334v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Titus.
  43. fols. 334v-336r Titus. Subscription and stichoi (97).
  44. fols. 336r-336v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Philemon.
  45. fols. 336v-337r Philemon. Subscription and stichoi (37).
  46. fols. 337r-338r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Hebrews.
  47. fols. 338r-351r Hebrews.
  48. fol. 351v Euthalius, Hypothesis of James.
  49. fols. 351v-356v James.
  50. fol. 356v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Peter.
  51. fols. 357r-362r 1 Peter.
    Note: Text of 1 Peter continues on fol. 358r. Blank (fol. 357v).
  52. fols. 362r-362v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Peter.
  53. fols. 363r-366r 2 Peter.
  54. fols. 366r-366v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 John.
  55. fols. 366v-372r 1 John.
  56. fol. 372r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 John.
  57. fols. 372r-372v 2 John.
  58. fols. 372v-373r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 3 John.
  59. fols. 373r-373v 3 John.
  60. fols. 373v-374r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Jude.
  61. fols. 374r-375v Jude.



Small headpieces composed of geometric and foliate motifs in gold, blue, green, and red before the gospels and Acts (fols. 1r, 49v, 82v, 137r, 193r). The initial leaf of the lectionary reference table contains a headpiece in the form of a serpent (fol. 177r). Tailpiece in red (fol. 136r).


Major initials (20-30 mm) in red (faded) set off from the text.

Physical Description


Parchment. 205 x 150 mm.

Number of Leaves

376 leaves.


1-376. Modern foliation in Arabic numerals in pencil


47 quires, each of 8 leaves. Quires of gospel and Praxapostolos numbered separately, respectively 1-22 (α-κβ), and 1-23 (α-κγ). Two unnumbered quires of lectionary reference tables between. Lacking kephalaia of Matthew and of Acts.

Quire numbers recorded in the lower margin on the first leaf (recto) and last leaf (verso) of each quire.


Written space 135 x 95 mm (fol. 26r).


1 column, 25 to 29 lines. Ruling with hard point. Pricking in outer margins.


Written in minuscule script in dark brown ink (some flaking)

Text Divisions

Titles in red. Lectionary headings (side margins), and αρχ (arche) and τελ (telos) mark the position of lections in the gospel text.


Random water stains. Tracing of letters in black ink where text has flaked.

Binding Description

Blind stamped brown leather over boards (remnants).



The manuscript is dated to the 13th century, and is judged to have been written in either Greece or Asia Minor.


Medieval to early 20th century provenance unknown. Belonged to an unidentified collector in France, date unknown. Prayer (fol. 376v).


Acquired by the University of Chicago from Davis & Orioli (London), January 1931. Purchased with funds provided by Scott Brown, alumnus of the University of Chicago, and named in his honor in recognition of the gift.


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