University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 702, Lectionary (Trebizond Lectionary). Greg. l 1598. 10th century.


Gospel lectionary leaf fragment in Greek. Contains Matthean portions of the Synaxarion for Saturday and Sunday. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 15.

  1. fol. [1r] Saturday, Week 5 after Pentecost, Matthew 9:12-13 (lacking). Sunday, Week 5 after Pentecost, Matthew 8:29-31.
    Additions: Drawing of bird (20 x 15 mm) and jottings written crosswise to the text.
  2. fol. [1v] Sunday, Week 5 after Pentecost (continuation), Matthew 8:32-34 (lacking). Saturday, Week 6 after Pentecost, Matthew 9:18-20 (lacking).
    Additions: Apprentice scribe's exercises in the form of brief prayers.

Physical Description


Parchment. 132 x 200 mm.

Number of Leaves

One-half leaf.


Originally 2 columns, each of 25 lines.


Written in uncial script in dark brown ink (very faded).


Used as a flyleaf in a later codex, the leaf was turned sidewise, cut in half horizontally below the 13th line, and the outer margin was trimmed. It is stained, cockled, badly creased, and has sustained some insect damage.



The manuscript to which the present leaf belonged is judged to have been written in the 10th century. A place of origin is unknown.


Medieval to early 20th century provenance unknown. The leaf was named for Trebizond, the present-day Trabzon, Turkey, the city wherein it was discovered in the 1920s.


Acquired by the University of Chicago from Rudolf M. Riefstahl (New York), November 1929.


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