University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 716, New Testament. Syriac. Peshitta (Syriac New Testament Fragments). 6th or 7th century.


Peshitta New Testament leaves in Syriac. Glosses in Arabic and reading divisions in the margins. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Syr. 26.

  1. fols. [1r]-[6v] Luke (begins at 13:19 and ends with 19:9).
  2. fols. [7r]-[25v] Acts (contains the text, 9:1-11:30; 13:1-26; 14:8-16:28; 17:15-24:15; 27:16-28:31). Subscription: Completed is the Acts of the blessed apostles.
  3. fols. [25v]-[27v] James (begins at 1:1 and ends with 4:12).
  4. fols. [28r]-[29v] 1 Peter (contains the text, 1:11-2:17, 4:1-5:13). Subscription: Completed is the epistle of the apostle Peter.
  5. fols. [29v]-[33r] 1 John. Subscription: Completed is the epistle of the apostle John.
    Note: A subscription following 1 John for Acts and the three Catholic Epistles.
  6. fols. [33r]-[35v] Romans (contains the text, 1:1-3:9, 8:28-9:27).

Physical Description


Parchment. 249-252 x 168-172 mm.

Number of Leaves

35 leaves.


Written space 203 x 120 (fol. [1]r ).


1 column, 33 to 35 lines.


Written in Estrangelo script in black ink. Occasional East Syriac vowels.

Text Divisions

Titles in red.


Leaves have darkened and are cockled. Edges are dry and cracked. Portions of fols. [11] and [34] are broken off. Wax, dirt, and water stains.

Binding Description

Binding is lost. Leaves are stitched together.



The manuscript to which the present leaves belonged is judged to have been written in either the 6th or 7th century. A place of origin is unknown.


Medieval to early 20th century provenance unknown. Belonged to Isaac M. Jonan of Oak Park, Illinois.

Marginal notation of book, chapter, and verse references written on many leaves in pencil.


Acquired by the University of Chicago from Isaac M. Jonan, November 17, 1931.


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