University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 1054, New Testament. Gospels (Elfleda Bond Goodspeed Gospels). Greg. 2474. 10th century.


Four gospels in Greek. Lectionary apparatus, headings, and incipits, and Ammonian section numbers. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 59.

  1. fols. 1r-74r Matthew (lacking). Subscription and stichoi (2,600).
    Note: Leaves of quire 2, 6, and 7 bound out of order. For correct sequence of quire 2 read, fols: 7, 34, (leaf missing), 43, 45, (leaf missing), 8. For quire 6, read, fols. 35, 36, 38, 37, 40, 39, 41, 42. For quire 7, read, fols. (leaf missing), 47, 44, 46, 49, 50, 48, 51.
  2. fols. 74r-75v Kephalaia of Mark.
  3. fols. 76r-126v Mark (lacking). Subscription and stichoi (1,600).
  4. fol. 126v Kephalaia of Luke (lacking).
  5. fols. 127r-207v Luke (lacking). Subscription and stichoi (2,800).
  6. fols. 207v-208r Kephalaia of John.
  7. fols. 208v-265v John (lacking). Subscription and stichoi (2,200).
  8. fol. 265v Lectionary table, Menologion (lacking).
  9. Cover, Inside (back)
    Colophon: δωριτε εις τον ιερων σιλογον Κωνσταντινου πολεος Σακελλαριος ελευθερις ιερους ο Ξιφιλινος και κουτζουκ βεζιρουλι προσκυνιτης του παναγιου ταφου τραπεζους 1884 20 Σεπτεμβριου



Headpieces of acanthus, heart, scrollwork, and vine motifs in blue, red, green, and gold (fols. 76r, 208v).


Initials (50 mm) of acanthus and scrollwork in blue, red, green and gold. Inhabited initial (fol. 208v), John the Evangelist seated, his hand extended to indicate adjacent text. Minor initials in red set off from the text.

Physical Description


Parchment. 185 x 140 mm.

Number of Leaves

265 leaves.


1-265. Modern foliation in Arabic numerals in pencil (upper right margin).


The present manuscript contains 36 quires, each of 8 leaves, with the exception of quire 20.

Estimate of content lost: Unknown number of leaves (before fol. 1r, kephalaia and Matthew 1:1 to 1:15. Begins with 1:15 at, ελιουδ δε εγεννησε); 1 leaf, quire 2 (after fol. 34, ends with Matthew 5:31 at, ος εαν απολελυμενην, and begins on fol. 43r with 6:1 at, Προσεχετε την ελεημοσυνην); 1 leaf, quire 2 (after fol. 45, ends with Matthew 6:25 at, μηδε τω σω[ματι] and begins on fol. 8r with 7:6 at, μη δωτε το); 1 leaf (after fol. 18, ends with Matthew 11:20 at, πλεισται δυναμεις αυτου, and begins on fol. 19r with 12:5 at, [σαβ]βασιν οι ιερεις); 1 leaf, quire 7 (after fol. 42, ends with Matthew 20:14 at, σον και υπαγε, and begins on fol. 47r with 20:25 at, των εθνων κατακυριευουσιν); 1 leaf (after fol. 95, ends with Mark 7:15 at, αυτου κοινωσαι, and begins on fol. 96r with 7:28 at, Η δε απεκριθη); 3 leaves (after fol. 126, ends with kephalaia after chapter 16, and begins on fol. 127r with Luke 1:14 at, και εσται χαρα); 1 leaf (after fol. 151, ends with Luke 7:28 at, του βαπτιστου, and begins on fol. 152r with 7:39 at, ητις απτεται αυτου); 1 leaf (after fol. 158, ends with Luke 9:13 at, οι δε ειπον, and begins on fol. 159r with 9:25 at, απολεσας η ζημιωθεις); 1 leaf (after fol. 159, ends with Luke 9:37 at, οχλος πολυς, and begins on fol. 160r with 9:49 at, και εκωλυσαμεν αυτον); 1 leaf (after fol. 199, ends with Luke 22:29 at, υμιν καθως, and begins on fol. 200r with 22:44 at, [εκτενεστε]ρον προσηυχετο); 1 leaf (after fol. 200, ends with Luke 22:57 at, ο δε ηρνησατο λεγων, and begins on fol. 201r with 23:2 at, ευρομεν διαστρεφοντα το); 1 leaf (after fol. 201, ends with Luke 23:14 at, υμων ανακρινας, and begins on fol. 202r with 23:29 at, οι ουκ εθηλασαν); 1 leaf (after fol. 221, ends with John 5:29 at, εις αναστασιν ζωης, and begins on fol. 222r with 5:43 at, ληψεσθε); 1 leaf (after fol. 223, ends with John 6:26 at, και ειπεν, and begins on fol. 224r with 6:40 at, εις αυτον εχη); 1 leaf (after fol. 232, ends with John 8:49 at, και υμεις α[τιμαζετε], and begins on fol. 233r with 9:5 at, οταν εν τω); 1 leaf (after fol. 258, ends with John 19:1 at, ελαβεν ο πιλᾶτος, and begins on fol. 259r with 19:14 at, ην δε παρασκευη); unknown number of leaves of the Menologion (after fol. 265, ends with September).


Written space 130 x 85 mm (fol. 104r ).


1 column, 23 lines. Ruling with hard point.


Written in minuscule script in medium brown ink (flaking and fading).

Punctuation includes high and low points, comma, marks of elision and interrogation. Quotation marks in the left margins next to each line of quoted text.

Text Divisions

Titles in red. Indications αρχ (arche) and τελ (telos) mark the position of lections in the gospel text.


At an unknown date during a rebinding process, the leaves were cut out of old covers along the gutter-side margins. These were then anchored with paper hinges in the current binding. Some leaves later separated from the hinges, and were either lost or were reattached out of order. Leaves of another 10th century manuscript were used for the hinges of fols. 1-35. Slight cockling of leaves, edges darkened. Some faded passages of text written over in black ink. Trimmed with the loss of certain marginal text.

Binding Description

Bound in dark brown leather over boards. Nail holes (back) of straps once attached. Fore-edge pegs. Front pastedown of paper.



The manuscript is judged to have been written in the 10th century. A place of origin is unknown.


Medieval to late 19th century provenance unknown. On 20 September 1884, the manuscript was given to the Greek Philosophical Society in Constantinople, the present-day Istanbul, Turkey (partially erased colophon, inside back cover). It remained part of the library until 1923, when the society was dissolved and its holdings confiscated during the Turkish Revolution. Belonged to bibliophile Harry Kurdian (1902-1976), of Wichita, Kansas who purchased the manuscript in Istanbul in March 1952. Acquired by Edgar J. Goodspeed, Professor Emeritus in the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, from Mr. Kurdian in June 1952.

Inscriptions (fols. 75v, 231r); jottings (front pastedown).


Gift of Edgar J. Goodspeed to the University of Chicago, July 1952, in memory of his wife Elfleda Bond Goodspeed (1880-1949) for whom it was named.


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