University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 142, New Testament. Acts. Epistles of Paul. Catholic Epistles. Lectionary (Theophanes Praxapostolos and Theophanes Lectionary). Greg. 2401 and l 1609. Balkan Peninsula? 12th century.


Praxapostolos in Greek with a half-leaf of a 12th century lectionary (front pastedown). Marginal lectionary apparatus identifies lections by title, or occasion and incipit. The placement of the Epistles of Paul before the Catholic Epistles corresponds to a change in reading order during the ecclesiastical year made in the 12th century.

Leaves of the present manuscript have been renumbered after fol. 134. Both sets of foliation are cited in this description. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 9 and Ms. Grk. 10.

  1. Pastedown (front) Lectionary leaf with text of Mark 16:1-6, for Sunday, Week 2 after Easter.
    Note: Acts 9:19-20, for Saturday, Week 3 after Easter, on the verso stub visible between fols. 8 and 9.
  2. fol. 1r
    Colophon: Theophanes (undated).
  3. fols. 1r-40r Acts. Subscription and stichoi (2,524).
  4. fols. 40r-41r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Romans. Notation at the conclusion, a reminder to readers of the new order of the Epistles of Paul and the Catholic Epistles: ζητη τας καθολικας εις το τελος... (Look for the Catholics at the end due to the order of the weeks).
  5. fol. 41r
    Colophon: Scribal: ζητη τας καθολικας επιστολας εις το τελος δια την ευθυτητα των ευδομαδων.
  6. fols. 41r-54v Romans. Subscription and stichoi (750).
  7. fols. 54v-55r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Corinthians. Notation concerning the Hypothesis (fol. 55r).
  8. fols. 55r-55v Oecumenius, Prologue of 1 Corinthians (attributed to Theodoret).
  9. fols. 55v-67r 1 Corinthians. Subscription and stichoi (870).
  10. fols. 67r-67v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Corinthians. Notation concerning the Hypothesis (fol. 67v).
  11. fols. 67v-68r Oecumenius, Prologue of 2 Corinthians (attributed to Theodoret).
  12. fols. 68r-76r 2 Corinthians. Subscription and stichoi (770).
  13. fols. 76r-76v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Galatians.
  14. fol. 76v Oecumenius, Prologue of Galatians (attributed to Theodoret).
  15. fols. 76v-81r Galatians. Subscription and stichoi (293).
  16. fols. 81r-81v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Ephesians.
  17. fols. 81v-86r Ephesians. Subscription and stichoi (312).
  18. fols. 86r-86v Euthalius, Hypothesis of Philippians.
  19. fols. 86v-89v Philippians. Subscription and stichoi (290).
  20. fols. 89v-90r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Colossians.
  21. fols. 90r-93v Colossians. Subscription and stichoi (208).
  22. fols. 93v-94r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Thessalonians.
  23. fols. 94r-97r 1 Thessalonians. Subscription and stichoi (193).
  24. fols. 97r-97v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Thessalonians.
  25. fols. 97v-99r 2 Thessalonians. Subscription and stichoi (106).
  26. fols. 99r-99v Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Timothy.
  27. fols. 100r-103v 1 Timothy. Subscription and stichoi (230).
  28. fols. 103v-104r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Timothy.
  29. fols. 104r-107r 2 Timothy. Subscription and stichoi (172).
  30. fol. 107r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Titus.
  31. fols. 107v-109r Titus. Subscription and stichoi (97).
  32. fol. 109r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Philemon.
  33. fols. 109r-109v Philemon. Subscription and stichoi (32).
  34. fols. 109v-110r Euthalius, Hypothesis of Hebrews.
  35. fols. 110v-122r Hebrews.
  36. fol. 122v Euthalius, Hypothesis of James.
  37. fols. 123r-127r James. Subscription.
  38. fol. 127r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 1 Peter.
  39. fols. 127v-131v 1 Peter. Subscription and stichoi (236).
  40. fols. 131v-132r Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 Peter. Kephalaia or table of four chapter titles (fol. 132r).
  41. fols. 132r-134v 2 Peter (lacking).
    Note: Missing leaf after fol. 134. Double foliation begins.
  42. fols. 136r-139v (135r-138v) 1 John.
  43. fols. 139v-140r (138v-139r) Euthalius, Hypothesis of 2 John.
  44. fols. 140r-140v (139r-139v) 2 John.
  45. fol. 140v (139v) Euthalius, Hypothesis of 3 John.
  46. fols. 140v-141v (139v-140v) 3 John.
  47. fol. 141v (140v) Euthalius, Hypothesis of Jude.
  48. fols. 142r-143r (141r-142r) Jude.
  49. fol. 143v (142v) Table of Contents (list of Epistles of St. Paul and the Catholic Epistles arranged in incorrect order).
  50. fol. 143v (142v) Dorotheus, Treatise on the Twelve Apostles (lacking).
    Note: Missing leaf after fol. 143.
  51. fol. 145r (143r) Pseudo-Oecumenius, Account of St. Paul's journeys (Apodemia Paulou, lacking).
    Note: Blank (fol. 145v (143v).
  52. fols. 146r-154v (144r-152v) Lectionary table (Synaxarion, Menologion, Heothina).



Large and small headpieces decorated with leaf scrolls or interlace and floral motifs in red, or red and black.


Major initials (20-55 mm) of looped ribbon design set off from the text.

Physical Description


Parchment. 189 x 129 mm.

Number of Leaves

152 leaves.


1-152. Modern foliation in Arabic numerals in pencil. After the removal of fols. 135 and 144, subsequent leaves were renumbered 135-152, and the earlier set of numbering crossed out.


Originally 19 quires, now 20, after quire 8 was divided and rebound as two. The final quire is a later restoration. A replacement of 12 leaves (13th century scribal hand), sometime after the primary leaves broke off along inner rulings, has disrupted the original structure of 8 leaves per quire. Restored leaves were inserted as follows: Leaf 5, quire 1 (fol. 5); leaf 2, quire 2 (fol. 10); leaf 1, quire 5 (fol. 33); leaves 4-6, quire 6 (fols. 44-46); leaf 5 and leaf 8, quire 7 (fol. 53, fol. 56); leaves 6-8, quire 8 (fols. 62-64); leaf 6, quire 9 (fol. 70).

With the loss of fols. 135 and 144, content lost consists of the ending of 2 Peter, the Euthalian Hypothesis of 1 John, the ending of the Treatise on the Twelve Apostles, and the beginning of the Account of Paul's journeys. Prior to the manuscript's initial foliation, a leaf was lost containing the text of 1 John 2:14-3:8 (after fol. 136).

Quire numbers on the final leaf of quires 1 through 19 (verso, lower right).


Written space 136 x 85 mm (fol. 24r).


1 column, 32 to 34 lines (variants of 29 to 36 lines). Ruling with hard point.


Written in minuscule script in black ink (some fading and flaking). Corrections written on original and restored text leaves in the margins.

Punctuation includes middle point, and comma. The reference sign (cross framed by 4 dots) indicates marginal additions; a triple point (triangle formed of three dots) is placed at the conclusion of books and hypotheses.

Text Divisions

Titles in red.


Holes and tears. A number of leaves moderately cockled. Water stains.

Binding Description

Bound in dark brown leather over wooden boards. Covered in red velvet with attached brass plates (Russian, possibly 18th century), and brass corner bosses. Fore-edge clasps (one remaining).

Central scenes of the brass plates within a floral and foliate reticulated frame. Front panel: The Crucifixion, with the Virgin Mary and John at the foot of cross; an Evangelist and his symbol depicted at each corner. Back panel: The Resurrection; a prophet depicted at each corner. Front and back corner bosses, seraphim (top) and double-headed eagles (bottom).



The manuscript is dated to the late 12th century, and may have been written in the Balkan Peninsula.


Medieval to late 19th century provenance unknown. Belonged to Theophanes (his undated colophon, fol. 1r). Said to have belonged to a monastic library on Mount Athos until 1890. Acquired in the 1920s by bookseller Athenas Grivakis supposedly from a Greek national or his widow, possibly in Istanbul, Turkey.

Two excised leaves, fol. 135 and fol. 144 (initial foliation), formerly owned by F. Cleveland Morgan (1881-1962), are currently in the collection of the McGill University Libraries, Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Ms. Greek 10.

A motif thought to be a scribe's monogram occurs at the end of several books (see, Jude, fol. 143r). Notation in pencil by Gordon W. Phillips, an assistant to Mr. Grivakis (fols. 53v, 54r, 55v, 136v, 137r). Partly illegible inscriptions (back pastedown).


Acquired by the University of Chicago from Athenas Grivakis, 1929.


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