University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 270, Hymns and Prayers (Ethiopic Hymns and Prayers). Ethiopia, 18th century.


Hymns and Prayers in Gə‘əz (Ethiopic) and Amharic. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Eth. 65.

  1. fols. 1r-7v Malk'a Sellăssē, hymn to the Trinity. A second hymn to the Trinity.
  2. fols. 7v-8r Calendar of Saint's days.
  3. fols. 9r-17v Täbibä Täbiban, hymn to God (The Wise of the Wise Ones).
  4. fols. 17v-20r Kidan zänägh.
  5. fols. 20r-22v Kidan zäsärk (Evening Office).
  6. fol. 22v List of interpretations for proper religious names.
  7. fols. 23r-26r Prayer (beginning erased).
  8. fol. 26v Qenēs (in Amharic).
  9. fols. 27r-27v Salām to the Virgin Mary.
  10. fols. 28r-34v Saqoqawa Dengel, lament of the Virgin Mary.
  11. fols. 34v-35v Hymn to the Virgin Mary.
  12. fols. 36r-42r Malk'a Māryām (for the 3rd, 6th, and 9th hours).
  13. fols. 42r-43v Salām la Felsata Sēgāki, hymn to the assumption of the Virgin Mary.
  14. fols. 44r-48r Salām to the Virgin Mary.
  15. fols. 48r-52r Hymn to the Cherubim.
  16. fol. 52v Weddāsē Maryam (for Monday).
  17. fols. 53r-59r Zēnā Hāymānot (hortatory homily).
  18. fols. 59r-59v Qenē (in Amharic).
  19. fol. 60r Invocations to the Virgin Mary and Saints.
  20. fols. 60v-62r Song to Jesus on Eucharistic participation (Congregation of the Faithful).
  21. fols. 62r-62v Prayers (in Amharic).



Headpieces of red, gold, and green (fols. 1r, 28r, 36r).

Physical Description


Parchment. 161 x 150 mm.

Number of Leaves

62 leaves.


1-62. Modern foliation in Arabic numerals in pencil.


Written space 120 x 130 mm (fol. 10r). Each column is 120 x 60 mm with a space of 10 mm between.


2 columns, 17 to 33 lines. Ruling with hard point. Pricking in the outer margins.


Written in black ink (some fading).

Text Divisions

Titles in red.


Several leaves scraped and reused (fols. 7v, 8r, 23r, 26v, 36v, 52r-52v). Some leaves broken. Stitched mend in leaf (fol. 61).

Binding Description

Bound in dark brown wood boards. Covers have split vertically and were mended with twine threaded through drilled holes on either side of each break. Spine covered in leather.



The manuscript is judged to have been written in the 18th century in Ethiopia.


Provenance unknown.

Arabic and Hebrew notes (fol. 22v). Notation and jottings in pencil, fols. 1r-2r, 5r, 6r-7r, 13r, 20r, 22v, 24r, 25r, 28v, 30r-30v, 32v, 36v, 37v-38r, 42r, 43r, 44v, 49r, 53r, 56r, 59v, 62v.


Date acquired by the University of Chicago unknown.