University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 939, Lectionary (Luke Lectionary Fragment). Greg. l 1959. Constantinople? 13th century.


Gospel lectionary leaves in Greek. The fragment contains Lukan Synaxarion lections for Tyrophagou or Cheesefare, the week before Lent begins. With ecphonetic notation. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 39.

  1. fol. [1r] Tuesday, Tyrophagou, Luke 22:39-42, 45-50.
    Rubric: τη γ τες τυροφαγου.
    Rubric: εκ του κατα λουκαν (From the Gospel according to Luke).
  2. fol. [1v] Tuesday, Tyrophagou (continuation), Luke 22:50-59.
  3. fol. [2r] Tuesday, Tyrophagou (continuation), Luke 22:59-69.
  4. fol. [2v] Tuesday, Tyrophagou (continuation), Luke 22:69-23:1. Thursday, Tyrophagou, Luke 23:2-[34] (ends at verse 5 with εωσ ωδε).
    Rubric: τη γ τες τυροφαγου.
    Rubric: εκ του κατα λουκαν.



Major initials (25-45 mm) set off from the text in red.

Physical Description


Parchment. 340 x 230 mm.

Number of Leaves

2 leaves.


Foliation erased.


Written space 225 x 160 mm (fol. [2r]). Each column is 225 x 70 mm with a space of 20 mm between.


2 columns, 23 to 26 lines. Ruling with hard point.


Written in minuscule script in dark brown ink (some fading). Ecphonetic notation in red.

Punctuation includes the cross (full stop), high and low points, and the mark of elision.


Leaves slightly cockled. Occasional stains.

Binding Description

Bound by R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company in green linen over cardboard. Spine label in gilt: Two Gospel Lectionary Folios (Luke) 13-14 cent.



The manuscript to which the present leaves belonged is judged to have been written in the early 13th century, possibly in Constantinople, the present-day Istanbul, Turkey.


Medieval to early 20th century provenance unknown. Belonged to Harold Rideout Willoughby (1890-1962), professor in the University of Chicago's Divinity School. Mr. Willoughby purchased the leaves from Philip C. Duschnes (New York), ca. 1938.


Gift of Harold R. Willoughby to the University of Chicago, November 1938.


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