University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 965, Bible. New Testament (Rockefeller-McCormick New Testament). Greg. 2400. Cyprus or Palestine? 12th century.


New Testament in Greek. Added Ammonian section numbers, lectionary apparatus, and chapter titles in the margins. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 51.

  1. fols. 2r-5v Canon tables I-X.
    Note: Blank (fol. 6r).
  2. fols. 8r-35r Matthew. Subscription.
    Note: Duplicate text of Matthew 1:1-8 (fols. 7r, 8r).
  3. fols. 36r-55r Mark. Subscription.
    Note: Blank (fol. 55v).
  4. fols. 56r-84v Luke. Subscription.
  5. fols. 85r-105r John. Subscription.
  6. fols. 106r-137r Acts. Subscription.
  7. fol. 137v Hypothesis of James.
  8. fols. 138r-141r James.
  9. fols. 141r-144r 1 Peter.
  10. fols. 144r-146r 2 Peter.
  11. fol. 146r Summary of 1 John.
  12. fols. 146v-149r 1 John.
  13. fols. 149r-149v 2 John.
  14. fols. 149v-150r 3 John.
  15. fols. 150r-151r Jude.
  16. fols. 151r-161r Romans.
    Note: Romans 16:25-27 placed at end of chapter 14.
  17. fols. 161v-170v 1 Corinthians.
  18. fols. 171r-177r 2 Corinthians.
  19. fols. 177v-180v Galatians.
  20. fols. 180v-184r Ephesians.
  21. fols. 184r-186r Philippians.
  22. fols. 186r-188v Colossians.
  23. fols. 188v-190v 1 Thessalonians.
  24. fols. 191r-192r 2 Thessalonians.
  25. fols. 192r-194v 1 Timothy.
  26. fols. 194v-196v 2 Timothy.
  27. fols. 196v-197v Titus.
  28. fols. 197v-198r Philemon.
  29. fols. 198r-205v Hebrews.
  30. fols. 205v-206r Table of chapter titles.
  31. fol. 207r
    Colophon: The Voivode Alexander (undated).


Full and half-page miniatures number 92. These contain portraits of the Evangelists Mark, Luke, and John, Apostles Peter, James, and Jude, depictions drawn the cycles of Christ's ministry, miracles and Passion, and the ministry of his Apostles.


  1. fol. 6vMoses: Receiving Law. Moses stands in mountain landscape, hands covered; looks toward hand of God emerging from heaven (upper right).
  2. fol. 9rChrist: Nativity. Virgin Mary (center) in bed; infant Jesus next to her in manger; angels hover above them; shepherd stands at right, arm raised; Joseph seated, lower left.
  3. fol. 9vInnocents: Massacre commanded. Herod the king, crowned and robed, seated at right; soldier stands at center with shield and sword, ready to kill Bethlehem's infant boys. At left in cave, Elizabeth and her child John the Baptist find shelter.
  4. fol. 10rJohn Baptist: Preaching. John the Baptist stands at left, dressed in animal skins, holding scroll; he preaches to people in crowd at right.
  5. fol. 10vJohn Baptist: Recognizing Christ. Scene (upper): John the Baptist (center) preaches to crowd at left; at right, he kneels before Jesus (standing). Christ: Baptism. Scene (lower): Jesus waits in river at center, two angels behind him; John the Baptist at left, holds water-filled gourd above Jesus's head.
  6. fol. 11vChrist: Sermon on Mount. Jesus seated at left with scroll, his right hand raised; disciples stand at right.
  7. fol. 14rChrist: Miracle of healing leper. Jesus stands at center with scroll, holding hand of leper at right; two disciples at left.
  8. fol. 14vChrist: Miracle of healing servant of centurion. Jesus, hand raised, stands at left holding scroll, a disciple behind him; centurion at center faces Jesus; crowd at right.
  9. fol. 15rChrist: Miracle of healing Peter's wife's mother; Jesus stands at right, holds hand of Peter's wife's mother who lies in bed; Peter and another disciple wait behind him.
  10. fol. 15vChrist: Miracle of healing Gadarene demoniacs. Jesus stands at left, extends hand to heal two possessed men at right; disciples wait behind him.
  11. fol. 16rChrist: Miracle of healing paralytic. Scene (upper): Jesus, with disciple at right, raises hand over paralyzed man lying on pallet; two woman and a man stand in background. Christ: Calling Matthew. Scene (lower): Jesus at right, seated at table, extends hand to Matthew, at left.
  12. fol. 16vChrist: Sought by official. Young official, at right, urges Jesus to follow and raise up his dead daughter; Jesus walks toward him, hand raised; two disciples at left.
    Note: In the synoptic gospel narratives, the official of Matthew 9:18, is named Jairus.
  13. fol. 18rChrist: Denouncing cities. Jesus, seated on cushioned bench at left, right hand raised, book held in left hand; two disciples stand behind him; city towers at right.
  14. fol. 18vChrist: Apostles plucking corn. Jesus (center right) hand raised, faces two Pharisees at right; two disciples, each holding grain stalks, stand at left.
  15. fol. 19rChrist: Miracle of healing man with withered hand. Jesus stands at center left, hand raised, holding scroll; two disciples wait behind him; man faces Jesus with withered hand extended; Pharisees at right.
  16. fol. 19vChrist: Miracle of healing demoniac, blind and dumb. Two disciples wait behind Jesus (center left) who extends hand to heal possessed man (center right); Pharisees watch at right.
  17. fol. 20vChrist: Sought by mother and brethren. Jesus, at center, seated on cushioned bench teaching those at left; his mother and family members stand at right.
  18. fol. 22rHerod Antipas: Feast, Salome delivering head. Herod the king, crowned and robed, seated at left, a retainer behind him; Queen Herodias's daughter at center balances platter containing John the Baptist's head; guests at feast seated right.
  19. fol. 22vChrist: Miracle of loaves. Jesus, seated at left, holds bread, gestures to standing disciple; six loaves lay on table between them; crowd seated at right in front of baskets.
  20. fol. 24vChrist: Transfiguration. Jesus, within a central mandorla, appears between Elijah (left) and Moses (right); Peter (left), lying on ground with disciples James and John, points to sight above them.
  21. fol. 31rChrist: Last Supper. Jesus (left) seated with disciples at table set with bowls of food, and drinking vessels.
  22. fol. 32rChrist: Betrayal. Jesus with scroll (center left) is kissed by Judas (center right); soldiers and disciples stand behind them.
  23. fol. 33vChrist: Crucifixion. Jesus crucified on cross, at center; Virgin Mary (left) and disciple John (right) at foot of cross.
  24. fol. 34vChrist: Appearing to Holy Women. Jesus, holding scroll, stands between the two women kneeling on ground.
  25. fol. 36rEvangelist, Mark: Portrait. Mark writing, seated on cushioned bench; lectern at right, building in background.
  26. fol. 36vJohn Baptist: Preaching. John the Baptist (center left), dressed in animal skins, and holding scroll; he preaches to those standing at right.
  27. fol. 37rChrist: Going into wilderness. Jesus stands at River Jordan in desert landscape; mountain and tree in background.
  28. fol. 37vChrist: Miracle of healing man with unclean spirit. Jesus walks forward from left, extends hand to heal possessed man at center; crowd watches at right.
  29. fol. 38rChrist: Miracle of healing all that were sick. Jesus walks forward from left, extends hand to heal lame man at right, and two people with withered limbs at center.
  30. fol. 38vChrist: Miracle of healing paralytic. Jesus, seated at right, raises hand over paralyzed man lying on pallet; on-lookers at right.
  31. fol. 39vChrist: Miracle of healing man with withered hand. Jesus stands center left, hand raised; man faces Jesus, his withered hand extended; on-lookers at right.
  32. fol. 40rChrist: Sought by mother and brethren. Jesus, at center, seated on cushioned bench teaching those at left; messenger sent by his mother and family members waits at right.
  33. fol. 40vChrist: Teaching. Jesus, in boat at left, teaching those standing on shore at right.
  34. fol. 41vChrist: Miracle of stilling storm. Jesus, in boat at left, extends hand over waves to calm storm; disciples seated at right reach out to him.
  35. fol. 42rChrist: Miracle of healing Gerasene demoniac. Jesus stands at left, extends hand to heal possessed man at center; demon flies from scene at right.
  36. fol. 42vChrist: Sought by Jairus. Jairus a synagogue official, at right, urges Jesus to follow and raise up his dead daughter; Jesus seated on cushioned bench at left, hand raised.
  37. fol. 43rChrist: Miracle of healing woman with issue of blood. Jesus follows Jairus a synagogue official, at right; woman who suffers hemorrhages lies on ground at center touching hem of Jesus's robe; spectators at left.
  38. fol. 43vChrist: Miracle of raising daughter of Jairus. Jesus stands at center, holds hand of Jairus's daughter who is sitting up; Jairus and his wife stand at either end of bed.
  39. fol. 46vApostle, Peter: Confessing Christ. Jesus stands at center, hand raised; Peter waits next to him gesturing; two disciples at left.
  40. fol. 51vChrist: Anointed by woman. Jesus (left) seated at table; woman who anointed him kneeling on floor at his feet; Simon the Leper seated at right; two disciples stand in background.
  41. fol. 54vHoly Women: At sepulcher. Women carrying jars of ointment at left; angel seated at center points to empty tomb at right.
  42. fol. 56rEvangelist, Luke: Portrait. Luke writing, seated on cushioned bench; desk at right.
  43. fol. 56vZacharias: Annunciation. Angel Gabriel, with hand raised, stands at right next to temple; Zacharias the priest gestures with left hand, in right holds censer.
  44. fol. 57rVirgin Mary: Annunciation. Virgin Mary seated on a cushioned bench at left; angel Gabriel stands at right, points up with right hand, in left holds rod; building in background.
  45. fol. 57vVirgin Mary: Visitation. Virgin Mary stands at left, reaching with right hand to embrace her cousin Elizabeth.
  46. fol. 58rJohn Baptist: Birth. Elizabeth rests in bed at center; infant John lies in crib at left watched over by man; two women stand in doorway at right.
  47. fol. 59rChrist: Nativity. Virgin Mary (center) in bed; infant Jesus next to her in crib; angels hover above them; shepherd stands at right, holding staff.
  48. fol. 59vChrist: Presentation. Infant Jesus held by Simeon at right before temple altar; Virgin Mary and Joseph at left.
  49. fol. 61rJohn Baptist: Before Herod Antipas. Scene (right): John the Baptist (center) standing before Herod, left hand raised; Herod seated at right, a retainer behind him. John Baptist: In prison. (Scene (left): John the Baptist holds lamb and scroll, seated on bench in cell.
  50. fol. 61vChrist: Receiving the Spirit. Jesus kneels in prayer at center; Holy Spirit descends as a dove from upper right.
  51. fol. 62rChrist: Temptation. Within a mountain landscape, Jesus, at left, faces devil whose hand is raised.
  52. fol. 62vChrist: Reading in synagogue. Jesus stands in the synagogue before a lectern reading the scroll of the prophet Isaiah; attendees at the service seated on either side.
  53. fol. 63rChrist: Teaching in synagogue. Jesus, seated on cushioned bench in the synagogue at left, hand raised; attendees at service stand at right.
  54. fol. 63vChrist: Miracle of healing man with unclean spirit. Disciple, at left, stands behind Jesus, who extends hand to heal possessed man; spectators at right.
  55. fol. 65vChrist: Miracle of raising widow's son. Jesus, hand raised, walks toward dead son of widow at city gate of Nain; disciple stands behind him; widow and attendee at funeral wait behind bier.
  56. fol. 66vChrist: Anointed by woman. Jesus (left) seated at table; woman who anointed him kneels on floor at his feet; Simon the Pharisee seated at center; two disciples sit at right.
  57. fol. 68vChrist: Sending out Apostles. Jesus at left, hand raised; two apostles walk toward him, ten others wait at right.
  58. fol. 69vChrist: Transfiguration. Jesus, within a central mandorla, appears between Moses (left) and Elijah (right); Peter (left), lying on ground with disciples James and John, points to sight above them.
  59. fol. 77vChrist: Miracle of healing ten lepers. Jesus, hand raised, walks toward group of ten lepers at right; disciple waits behind him.
  60. fol. 84vChrist: Blessing Apostles. Jesus stands at center, hands raised in blessing; apostles wait at either side.
  61. fol. 85rEvangelist, John: Portrait. John seated on cushioned bench, holding book; lectern at right.
  62. fol. 85vChrist: Harrowing of Hell. Jesus (center) stands on broken gates of Hell, cross in left hand; in his right he holds Adam's wrist; Eve stands at left; the kings David and Solomon wait at right.
  63. fol. 86rJohn Baptist: Bearing witness. Scene (upper): John the Baptist, dressed in animal skins, stands at center holding scroll; he speaks to crowd at right, and points to Jesus at left. Moses: Receiving Law. Scene (lower): Moses stands in mountain landscape, hands covered; looks toward heaven and hand of God emerging with tablet (upper right).
  64. fol. 86vChrist: Revealing God. At right, Jesus addresses two disciples, points at heaven.
  65. fol. 87rJohn Baptist: Recognizing Christ. John the Baptist (left), dressed in animal skins, holding scroll; points to Jesus at right.
  66. fol. 87vChrist: Miracle of Cana. Jesus at right on cushioned bench; Virgin Mary stands next to him; wedding party (center) seated at table.
  67. fol. 88vChrist: Miracle of healing son of ruler. Jesus stands at left, right hand raised, in left holds scroll; Ruler at left extends hands toward him; mountains in background.
  68. fol. 89rChrist: Miracle of Bethesda pool. Lame man at left carries bed on back; Jesus, his right hand raised, stands center right with disciples John and Peter.
  69. fol. 90vChrist: Miracle of loaves. Jesus at left, disciple Peter at center seated on rocks, loaves and fishes between them; group of people at right.
  70. fol. 96rChrist: Miracle of raising Lazarus. Jesus, at left, extends right hand toward shrouded Lazarus, who emerges from tomb; his sisters Mary and Martha kneel at Jesus's feet; an attendant waits behind them; two disciples stand at far left.
  71. fol. 98rChrist: Washing of feet. Jesus holds towel tied at waist, bends down to wash foot of disciple Peter in basin; Peter seated at center on cushioned bench, hand on head; other disciples seated behind and beside him.
  72. fol. 106rApostle, Peter: Addressing apostles. Peter, at center, holds scroll in left hand; apostles stand on either side.
  73. fol. 106vApostles: Matthias chosen. Three apostles stand behind Peter who gestures toward Matthias at right.
  74. fol. 107rPentecost. Peter and Paul at center of apostles seated in semi-circle.
  75. fol. 108vApostle, Peter: Miracle of healing lame man. Apostle Peter extends hand to lame man seated at Beautiful Gate of Temple; Apostle John at right.
  76. fol. 109vApostles, Peter and John: Arrest. John and Peter at center stand before Annas and Caiaphas, high priests seated on cushioned bench at left; two armed soldiers wait at right.
  77. fol. 111rAnanias and Sapphira: Sin. Sapphira stands at right looking down at body of Ananias; Peter, hand raised, waits at left with second apostle.
  78. fol. 114vStephen Protomartyr: Stoning. Stephen stands in mountain landscape at center, hand raised to heaven; group of men holding stones in raised hands at right.
  79. fol. 115rApostle, Paul: Conversion, led to Damascus. Man holds hand of blinded Paul at left, leads him down road; mountains in background.
  80. fol. 115vApostle, Paul: Baptism. Ananias extends hand to Paul who stands in baptismal font at right.
  81. fol. 116vApostle, Peter: Miracle of raising Tabitha. Peter, at right, extends hand to Tabitha who sits up in bed, right hand raised; buildings in background.
  82. fol. 117rApostle, Peter: Vision. Peter kneels in prayer on top of house; rays from heaven fall on vessel next to him.
  83. fol. 119vApostle, Peter: Release from prison. Peter inside prison seated on ledge; shackles on right wrist, his left held by angel; buildings in background.
  84. fol. 122vApostle, Paul: Miracle of healing cripple. Paul, at left, holds wrist of lame man, helps him rise up from ground; mountains in background.
  85. fol. 138rApostle, James: Portrait. James, wearing liturgical garments, blesses with right hand, in left holds book.
  86. fol. 141rApostle, Peter: Portrait. Peter blesses with right hand, in left holds scroll; buildings at either side.
  87. fol. 150rApostle, Jude: Portrait. Jude blesses with right hand, in left holds scroll; buildings at either side.
  88. fol. 206vDavid: As Musician. David, seated at center, playing musical instrument.

Canon Tables

Citations of concordant gospel sections are framed by architectural columns. These support arched headpieces of multi-colored floral, foliate, and geometric designs on which a variety of birds are posed.


Major initials (30-35 mm) in blue, red, and white at the gospel openings of Mark, Luke, and John (fols. 36r, 56r, 85r). Minor initials in gold over red ink set off from the text.

Physical Description


Parchment. 200 x 150 mm.

Number of Leaves

207 leaves, of which 2 are flyleaves.


1 (foliated flyleaf) + 205 + 1 (foliated flyleaf). Modern foliation in Arabic numerals in pencil 1-207.


30 quires varying in size from 8 to 2 leaves. Estimate of content lost: 2 leaves before fol. 9 (Matthew 1:1-25, headpiece, initial, and Evangelist Matthew portrait); 1 leaf after fol. 16 (Matthew 9:20-10:1 and 2 miniatures); 1 leaf after fol. 26 (Matthew 20:20 from προσκυνουσα, and 1 miniature. Begins at 21:15 with ωσαννα τω υιω on fol. 27r); 1 leaf after fol. 63 (Luke 4:42 from αυτον, and 2 miniatures. Begins at 5:33 with προς αυτον διατι on fol. 64r); 1 leaf after fol. 83 (Luke 23:38 and 1 miniature. Begins at 24:21 with αφ ου ταυτα on fol. 84r); 2 leaves after fol. 87 (John 2:3 from αυτον, and possibly 4 miniatures. Begins at 4:10 with αυτη ει ηδεις on fol. 88r); 1 leaf after fol. 105 (Acts 1:1-10 and 1 headpiece, initial, and miniature. Begins at 1:10 with [α]τενιζοντες ησαν εις on fol. 106r); 2 leaves after fol. 114 (Acts 7:58 from κα[λουμενου], and 2 miniatures. Begins at 9:3 on fol. 115r); 1 leaf after fol. 125 (Acts 16:39 from αυτους και. Begins at 17:23 on fol. 126r); 1 leaf after fol. 127 (Acts 19:25 from συναθροισ[ας]. Begins at 20:7 with [ε]παυριον παρετεινε τε on fol. 128r); 1 leaf after fol. 145 (Apostle John portrait before 1 John).

Of an approximate 17 leaves missing, 6 were replaced. These include: fol. 7 (Matthew 1:1-8); fol. 8 (Matthew 1:1-25); fol. 60 (Luke 2:27-3:9); fol. 70 (Luke 9:36-10:6); fol. 146 (2 Peter 3:11-18, summary of 1 John, 1 John 1:1-2:8); fol. 151 (Jude 14-25, Romans 1:1-26). Text of the Hypothesis of James was added to fol. 137v.

Some quire numbers visible in the upper right margin on each quire's first leaf (recto), Matthew through John. A new numbering appears to have begun at Acts.


Written space 150 x 100 mm (fol. 119r).


1 column, 36-42 lines. Ruling with hard point.


Written in minuscule script in black ink. Text of inserted leaves written in medium brown ink (some fading and flaking).


Parchment is cockled. Edges of leaves are brittle and darkened. Portions of several leaves broken. Water, wax, and dirt stains. Owing to a flaking of paint, most miniatures lack details, and underdrawings are visible.

Binding Description

Binding of silver-gilt repoussé over boards. Spine of purple velvet. Remains of red silk velvet doublures.

Front cover: The Crucifixion of Christ with the Virgin Mary and the Evangelist John at the foot of the cross. Frame of acanthus, with symbols of the four evangelists (angel, eagle, ox, and lion) depicted, one at each side. Back cover: The Resurrection of Christ.



The manuscript is judged to have been written and illuminated in the 12th century, possibly in Cyprus or Palestine.


Belonged to the Voivode Alexander according to Jeremias, recorder of the undated colophon (fol. 207r). It has been surmised that the owner named was Alexandru II Mircea, Voivode of Wallachia, 1568-1577. Purchased from a resident of Zile in Anatolia in 1910 by bookseller Maurice Stora (Paris). Belonged to philanthropist Edith Rockefeller McCormick (1872-1932), who bought the manuscript from Stora in 1928.

Inscriptions, that of the lower margin dated 1891 April 20, with initials B. K. (fol. 7v); illegible note (fol. 35v); notation (fols. 55r, 105v, 137r); drawing of a fish (fol. 146v); University of Chicago Libraries bookplate (inside front cover).


Gift of Elizabeth Day McCormick (1874-1957) to the University of Chicago, following her purchase of the manuscript in 1942 from the estate of Edith Rockefeller McCormick.


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