University of Chicago Library, Goodspeed Manuscript Collection Ms. 338, New Testament. Gospels. Mark (Harold Lamb Manuscript of Mark). 9th or 10th century.


Gospel of Mark leaf in Armenian. Contains Mark 2:5-7, 2:9-10, 2:12-14, 15, 16. Eusebian section numbers in the margins against the text. Concordance numbers in the lower margin. Formerly Goodspeed Ms. Arm. 56.

  1. fol. [1r]
  2. fol. [1v]

Physical Description


Parchment. 176 x 241 mm.

Number of Leaves

One-half leaf.


Written space width 180 mm (recto). Each column is 80 mm wide with a space of 20 mm between.


2 columns. Ruling with hard point.


Written in erkat’agir script in dark brown ink.


Used as a flyleaf in a later manuscript, the leaf was folded and lines of text (upper portion) were cut off. Some retracing of faded text in ink. Edges are dry and discolored.



The manuscript to which the present leaf belonged is judged to have been written in either the 9th or 10th century. A place of origin is unknown.


Medieval to mid-20th century provenance unknown. Belonged to the historian and novelist Harold Lamb (1892-1962), who purchased an Armenian manuscript into which the leaf was bound from an unidentified bookseller in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

Notation in pencil, [Mark] 2:15 in the outer margin (verso), and the number 196 in ink inscribed in Arabic numerals in the lower margin (verso).


Gift of Harold Lamb to the University of Chicago, 1948.


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